Insurances We Accept

we accept block vision insurance
We accept medicare insurance
we accept united healthcare insurance
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we accept cigna insurance
we accept national vision adminstration insurance
we accept vsp insurance
we accept spectra insurance
we accept care first block choice insurance
we accept eye med insurance
we accept tricare insurance

What is the difference between a VISION PLAN (VSP, Spectera, Davis, etc) and MEDICAL INSURANCE (Medicare, Cigna, United Healthcare, etc) ?

MEDICAL INSURANCE will be used for eye health visits (diabetes, cataract, glaucoma, eye pain, eye injury, etc).  It doesn't provide coverage towards glasses, contact lenses (unless medically necessary for diseased eyes), and other similar materials.  Medicare and most medical insurances also do not usually cover refraction (the procedure used to determine your prescription) unless it is necessary for your medical condition. 

VISION PLANS usually cover towards routine wellness eye exams for glasses and contact lenses.  This includes the inspection of the internal and external eye health in a healthy person without known eye disease.  These plans also assist in discounted fees for materials.  


Our goal is to bill appropriately based on the reason for visit.  Our staff will try our best to help you understand your medical insurance and vision plan benefits.  We will try to maximize your savings.  We also accept and offer Care Credit.