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Here are a few of our featured lens products and lens treatments to provide you with premium quality vision through your eyeglasses.  Panoptic Eye Care has partnered with ZEISS because our goals align to protect your eyes and to promote eye health with ZEISS UVProtect and to provide great comfortable vision with customized lenses.


ZEISS DuraVision

DuraVision offers products that minimize glare and blue light reflections, are scratch resistant, and stay cleaner, longer 

custom measured eye glasses


This device takes custom measurements for all of our custom lens designs.  It ensures that your prescription aligns with your eyes and your focus.

UV protection


All ZEISS clear lenses now come standard with sunglass-level UV protection!  Protect your eyes all day!

progressive eye glasses

ZEISS Individual Progressive

This fully customized progressive offers wide comfortable fields of clear vision at all distances.

digital eye strain

ZEISS OfficeLens

Make your work life easier with this customized lens that will help with Digital Eye Strain and make many other up-close activities more comfortable.

transitional eye glasses

ZEISS Photofusion

A convenient way to protect your eyes from UV radiation and sunlight, Photofusion lenses automatically darken when there is UV and light exposure. 

Panoptic Eye Care does not exclusively offer Zeiss products.  We also work with Essilor labs to offer other premium products such as Varilux and Crizal lenses.

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